At Caritas in Veritate, we are dedicated to seeking God through the cooperation of faith and reason. This journal is born out of the New Evangelization, which calls upon us as Catholics to dedicate our entire lives with a renewed sense of enthusiasm to spread the Gospel message, especially in the face of rapid secularization. There has been, throughout the years, many major breakthroughs within the academic study of theology which could serve as tools by faithful Catholics in the defending of the faith. Unfortunately, the works of great Catholic academics and scholars are, in many ways, one of the best kept secrets of the Church. Here are at Caritas in Veritate, we hope to take the resources of the academic study of theology and present them to the general populace. Through doing so, we will stimulate both the mind and the soul to desire God more deeply, making manifest the evangelical nature of the Church and making good on and to follow Christ’s final command at the Great Commission, to “go forth and make disciples of all nations.”